Introducing our new Express Service…

Many of our claims are settled promptly but legal action is sometimes neccessary which inevitably prolongs the process.

We understand that some of our clients require a faster payout and so we have launched our new Express Service which offers a guaranteed upfront payment for every qualifying invoice.

How does it work?

You submit your late paid invoices to us in the normal way for us to evaluate the claim. Once the invoices have been validated, we make an initial fixed payment within just seven days with the balance payable, as usual, on successful completion of the claim.

How much will I receive?

Initial payment: £10 per invoice

You will then receive a balance payment, on successful completion of the claim, as follows:

Invoice Value Balance Payment
up to £999.99 £20 per invoice
£1,000 to £9,999.99 £40 per invoice
£10,000 and over £60 per invoice
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